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What Is Terrazzo?

Terrazzo can consist of materials such as marble, quartz, granite aggregate, mother-of-pearl and/or pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled glass, porcelain and sometimes even mirror chips, which are mixed with cement and polished to produce a smooth, uniformly textured flooring surface.

Is Terrazzo Upkeep Difficult?

In fact, just the opposite. Once fully restored terrazzo only requires regular damp mopping, and occasional re-sealing. 

What Are The Benefits of Terrazzo

When grinded down and polished terrazzo offers a seamless finish that is suitable for many buildings, both residential and commercial. With no grout lines the possibility for the growth of bacteria is eliminated. Terrazzo is also durable and requires little to no replacement during its entire lifecycle.

is terrazzo slippery?

The surface of natural terrazzo is not slippery. The sealers and coatings used will dictate the slip resistance. Only products designed for terrazzo should be used on terrazzo. Our company uses a non-yellowing and slip resistant finish that is applied in multiple coats for added protection and slip resistance.

do all terrazzo companies use the same process?

No, every company uses their own process and products when restoring terrazzo flooring. Our company grinds deeper to reveal new layers of your terrazzo, and uses a unique stain removal process. Our sealant is also unique to other companies. Ours does not yellow over time and provides the slip resistance that many others don't. We truly go the extra mile at no added expense to our customers!

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